Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh the Ponies!!!!

So, have I mentioned that this spring has been the most wonderful, lovely spring in Alaska?!?! Seriously... there has not been a cloud in the sky for the past week and temps have consistently been in the high 60's and yes... low 70's. It has been a dream... There is still a bit of snow on the North Faces of the mountains... but all South aspects are free and clear! Needless to say this has proved to be quite an impediment to my studies... I am crossing my fingies that I pass this LEED exam in a couple weeks... I am forcing myself to study today (lovely, warm, sunny Sunday) as there is not change in this weather for the foreseeable future and I have a big week ahead of sweet thangs to do... Also, there is a down side to the lovely weather... my sinuses are totally messed with all kinds of dust and volcanic ash that has been blowing around Los Anchorage... I have been riding my bike everywhere for the past week... only hopped in the car last night to take the pup to a bbQ... my throat hurts! but at least my buns are getting nice and firm...(snicker)

Ok, so... about the ponies..this weekend was the Derby!!! and I hope that y'all had some luck with the Ponies! Steph, I was sending you good vibes this morning!!
The picture below is me after accepting a dare on Friday night to ride the Pony wheel that was set up downtown... needless to say I got the big one... and yes, I have no shame.. it was actually pretty hilarious... Check out the super cute lil girl riding the lil pony behind me....

Here's to Sweet Tea Vodka and Mint Juleps!

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