Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Wanna Rock Your Gypsy Soul....

This weekend I was provided with a ticket to see the Dead and the Allman Brothers Band at the Gorge amphitheater in Washington state. Highlights? yes, there were highlights... let's see... musically: Blackhearted Woman with an Other Ones tease was pretty epic from the ABB and the Dead started out a bit sub par, especially from what they had been boasting in San Fran (ehem... Scarlett -> Fire...need I say more?) but they brought out a string of goodness that put a smile on my face... Dire Wolf, Tom Thumb's Blues, and a little Into the Mystic with Warren belting that tune... (loved that one) So, here is a little visual journal of the crazy weekend that took me from bluegrass in AK to the Classics in WA to the hot springs in Idaho... enjoy...

Ladies and Gentleman... Cold Country (with Bryan and Marta dancing in the foreground)

Welcome to hot hot Washington in May!! if it looks hot.. that is because it was smoking! 90 degrees, I felt like I was on a barb~e~que!!!

These cats were the two biggest Doobie Brothers fans in the entire world! Did I mention that they doobies were there? I wasn't too concerned, but these kids rocked the air guitar to every song. Take a gander at the chick's cut-off&roll-up jean shorts! love them!!

Ladies and Gentleman.. the Allman Brothers Band...

Rockin' the concert Tee!!

The Dead

Set break.

Although this is a lovely picture of Eric and Jess, let's be honest... this picture is really about the dude behind them... really? Yes, really.. this is the Dead show after all...

"Bobby" Weir Hot Spring on Weir Creek, Idaho! First time in Idaho! Loved it!!!

Tom, Jess and Eric.. Waiting our turn at the spring... we ended up just getting in with the rest of the peeps.. hey, it wasn't getting any less crowded! The hot spring was awesome, one of the best I have been to and paired with quick runs into the freezing river and some PBR, it turned out to be a great couple hours.

Me, Jess and a bigole Doug fir!

End of the Trip on the way to Bozeman... so lovely!

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