Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maybe Spoke too soon...

So I have good news and bad news... which first... well, I will start with the good news that I am pretty excited about.. Got my India Visa today!!! One step closer to the trip of a lifetime, version 2009...

On the bad news tip... I have to cancel my trip to climb the Granite Tors in FBX and soak up the Hot Springs at Chena at the end of the month because I have to have surgery on my vocal chords! No I am not kidding... I have a polyp on my vocal chords... this does not mean cancer and should not be that big of a deal.. I had a polyp when I was about 4 and was all fine for 25 years after that. The problem now lies with the stupid healthcare system in America... So, right now I have great insurance because I have the golden handcuffs of a corporate job wrapped pretty tightly... 90% coverage, and it's all gravy, right? Except for the fact that I plan on moving to Denver this fall (after a two month leave of absence to road trip and trek around India)and as of right now I do not have an authorized transfer in place.. this means if I am forced to abandon my healthcare coverage, then I MUST pay for Cobra, as any lapse in healthcare would throw this condition (along with any others that I have) into an uncovered pre-existing condition... brother! It's enough to make you want to move to Germany! And that is just what I may do someday!! hmph!

Well, this is the first 'knocked out completely' surgery that I will have had in 25 years (the last one was the last time this happened) and only the second ever! I am a little scared as I have to go to a real hospital this time and that is going to suck! I hope I don't get swine flu... time for some more BBQ to build that immunity up!

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