Friday, April 3, 2009

Travel Partner Found!

As if I hadn't just got back from a month in Asia... I am already planning to go back! Surprised? I'm not... I have been waiting quazi patiently for years to get back out into the world... next major excursion: Ladakh, India by way of Athens, Greece!! How does this happen? very long, but relatively cheap flights, of course. let's see how another two days in airplanes treats me... why so I do this to myself... who knows.. but be end justifies the means. Now to reveal my mysterious travel partner..drumroll... my dear cousin Christy! This should be interesting, indeed! We will be trekking in the Ladakh range from Mid August till about mid September when I hope to meet up with Kyle and Charlie somewhere out there...
now alls I need is for someone to buy my house!

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