Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Come on, come on, come on... You got to treat me right all the time, squeeze me like a Key Lime....

Ok... so for those friends that follow my random status messages on gmail and Facebook, you have maybe thought one of two things..a) Nicole is off her rocker and needs to get back in the groove, or b) Nicole has a crush on Grace Potter... if you guessed b) I may have a crush on Grace Potter, but I LOVE YOU!!

Yes, the soulful Grace Potter has captured my wondering heart and her music has been exactly on my level since this past weekend when her album This is Somewhere replaced Richie Haven's Resume as my favorite album of the moment as I was riding my heart out at Alyeska. Richie held the spot for two months, so this was quite a feat...

The title of this entry is lyric from "Treat Me Right" off the album Nothing but the Water...The No Quarter~esque key arrangement just does something to me. Whenever I hear it I want to go right into a sexy version of the "bus driver on a muddy road," one of my signature dances... I have had this groove in my head for two days and today while sitting in front of my computer at work today.. it started to make me hungry... I know, random... right?

Well, this is what I came up with...

Green Chili, Cashew, Avocado, and Key Lime Enchiladas.... (brilliant)

4 Avocados
1 cup Brown rice (cooked)
1/2 block of extra sharp White Cheddar cheese (cup in small pieces)
1 lb. roasted cashews, crushed in pieces (if you have a Trader Joe near, get the Green Chili and Lime Cashews, they are wonderful)
1 can of diced Green Chillies
1 bunch of Key Limes (or if you live in Alaska where key limes don't exist, just 4 regular limes will do)
1 bunch of Cilantro (chopped)
Salt and Pepper
1 tsp cumin
2 tbs Green Chili powder (Hatch will do)
Whole wheat tortillas

Set oven at 375 degrees, bake for 35 min covered, last 10 min uncovered and keep an eye!

Get a big ole bowl to mix this stuff. Cut Avocados up in big pieces, drench with lime juice. Add crushed Cashews, brown rice, half the can of diced Green Chilis, chopped Cilantro (save a bit to top), White Cheddar (save a bit to top), cumin, a Lao pinch of salt, and pepper to taste. Roll into 8 whole wheat tortillas, and slide into a baking pan.


Put the rest of the diced green chilis into a bowl with about a half cup water, the rest of the Cilantro, a pinch of salt, and the green chili powder and mix. If it is too runny, add more chili powder, if it is too thick, add more water. Spoon over enchiladas and top with the rest of the Cheddar.


"I will give you all the love I got, if you just entertain the thought"

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