Saturday, April 11, 2009

April brings the Blues

So, I know I mentioned the other day that it was so lovely that you actually think to yourself, "how could I ever leave this place." Well, this week has shouted loud and clear... go! go! go! Alaska is pretty gloom in April. The ice, ash, and dirt better go away with a quickness...I was supposed to go to Moose Pass this weekend, but we bagged that idea due to a really bad snowpack and rain!

Yes this time of year has me feeling like the cat in the picture above... just hanging out until some sweet distraction comes along to perk my attention. I am using this time to study hard for my upcoming LEED AP exam. Hopefully this will open up some opportunities for some part time work in Denver.

Yea, studying feels kinda weird after being away from exams for the past 4 years... and it feels super weird doing it on a weekend... wish me luck!

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