Saturday, March 27, 2010

time to catch up with myself

September 2009 - I return from India. The next day my life as I knew it changed forever. Pāli: अनिच्चा anicca; Sanskrit: अनित्य anitya; Tibetan: མི་​རྟག་​པ་ mi rtag pa; English: Impermanence. However you say it, this basic tenant of life was bound to creep up on me sooner or later. My life had been pretty stagnant for the past few years and my scale finally tipped, weighted by many influences that had been piling up on my shoulders. Finally with enough money saved to quazi comfortably make some changes, I quit my job to finish massage school, 7 years after I began the endeavor. Wow.


I am sitting here watching the snow fall, trying to motivate myself to do a little qi gong and stretch before I hit the mountain for a day of free skiing. My volunteer work with Challenge Alaska is finished and now I get to play for the last couple weeks of the season. It occurred to me last night that I haven't written in this blog for a whole 6 months! I need to catch up with myself. I can't believe's the end of March already?!?!?!

This winter has been the best winter of my life. I have been so busy studying the Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, finishing up massage classes, volunteering with Challenge Alaska, learning to Telemark Ski, learning to play my Fiddle, and planning for my future of flexibility and adventure, with an open heart. I have started my first business, Alaska Cooperative Consulting, and my second business, Gratitude Healing Arts, is in the pipeline. I am setting myself up to be able to travel and lead a life rich in experiences, while still keeping my feet on the ground.

Before I get down to the business end of things, I am going to take some time this summer to travel around the States again. I am picking up my '85 Westfalia camper van and hitting the open road!!! I leave the last week in April for Arizona. I will be journaling most of my trip and right now that trip is pretty open. I will be biking and climbing around the Southwest, then my way up toward Northern California and Oregon. I am looking for some partners for the journey, so if you have the time and inclination, let me know. You are welcome to ride along!

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  1. It'll be great to follow your journey. Have a great trip!